22 December 2011

Some Cool Christmas Facts

Lately, God has shown me some cool things about Christ's birth.

1) Mary was very pregnant with Jesus and traveled around 80 something miles (walking or riding a donkey, or both). If a woman did this today, she'd have a miscarriage or a premature birth.

13 December 2011

Zombie (Part 2)

I wanted to touch on a couple more things from my previous post.

Some are making excuses for how zombies could actually come into being - meaning, people believe zombies could (one day) exist. How is that? Well, they say if we continue on the track we're on when it comes to food, products, and lifestyles, we can one day turn zombie-like. What do they mean by this? For one, the food we eat usually has tons of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and unnatural food coloring. They say if you ingest enough of this bad stuff, it could lead to more diseases that are harder to diagnose and cure. It's the same with the products we use. They say if we continue to use shampoos, soaps, lotions, make-up etc., that are more harmful we'll eventually start absorbing all these bad-for-us ingredients into our skin. Also, look at the pollution that's in the air, the ozone, and even cell phone radiation we can't see. They say all these could affect our bodies and harm us in ways we don't understand. In other words, it's just another worldly distraction to keep your focus off what's really healthy for you. I'm not discounting how important a good healthy lifestyle is, but I'm trying to show you how people get too focused on the wrong things (1 Tim 4:8).

The world is desperate to eat organic all-natural foods. We want make-up that is all natural. We want everyone to drive hybrids that keep all devil-bad chemicals from getting into the air. We want to recycle for more renewable resources. We also want safer and cheaper alternatives to fuel to cut back on our carbon footprint. This is all being done in the name of "saving the planet". It's so prevalent that people are starting to be condemned for using or eating anything bad. I guess since we don't know what's really good for us and don't have enough sense, we may need others to enforce these good things into our lives, right?

03 December 2011

Zombie (Part 1)

Lately, there's been a huge increase in the fascination of zombies. It seems like everywhere I turn there's a new movie about some sort of zombie apocalypse. They're mentioned in the media, have roles in movies, video games are dedicated to them, and they're one of the most popular Halloween costume choices. They're everywhere! But, what is a zombie? The short answer - the living dead.

Even though zombie's are dead, they're actually still alive and roaming the earth. All they do is look for living human flesh to feed on. Once bitten, (much like vampires) you're now infected with the same deadly virus. Zombies are human beings, but since they've been infected, they lack many typical human traits and mental capacities.

Typical zombie characteristics:
  1. Carry a zombie virus
  2. Always walking around
  3. Only eat humans
  4. Stomachs are never satisfied
  5. Have very little brain function other than looking for more food
  6. Look disgusting (lots of blood stains and appear death-like)
  7. To kill one you have to go to extreme measures
  8. Are everywhere
From a distance they appear to be life-like, but as you get closer they're notably different. In almost every zombie situation, there's few humans left as they desperately defend themselves from zombie attacks.