26 October 2011

Faith = Trust

When you say you have faith in Jesus, what do you mean? Does having faith mean that you believe that Jesus is real? I used to think this way. I thought having faith in Jesus meant that I simply believe in Jesus Christ as my savior. But, this is not what it means. The word faith is thrown around so much today that it's meaning has been watered down. I know this topic seems simple-minded, but everything about Jesus is so easy. The only people that make it hard are you and me.

I know the title of this blog gives it away, but faith actually doesn't mean you just believe in someone. Having faith in someone means you trust them. So, do you have faith in Christ? Do you actually trust God? When you think about it, you probably don't. Why? Because your actions and thought patterns probably don't show that you trust Jesus. I'm not judging you. I'm just being real. I thought I had faith in God too, but the Spirit showed me that it doesn't mean that I just believe that he died for me and rose again. Then, God asked me a simple question. He asked me, "Do you trust me?" My answer was "No". ~:----(

Why did I tell him "no"? Because when I got real with myself, I started to realize my actions and thoughts didn't line up. The next thing I did was ask the Spirit to help me - to help me trust him with all my heart (Prov 3:5-6). Then, I looked back and realized that I was a complete idiot for not trusting him. If I can't trust Jesus, then who?!! I can't even trust myself half the time. Do you know how stupid it sounds to say, "I don't trust you Jesus." Well, that's basically what most of us are saying about him...without saying it.

If you knew who you're Father was, you'd trust him (John 8:12-20). Look at Jesus. He put his trust in his Father on the cross (Luke 23:46). Why in the world would Jesus, who was God himself, put so much trust in his Father? Because he KNEW who his Father was. He'd been with him. They'd hung out together. He'd seen him and knew what he was capable of. Jesus knew that if his Father said something, it was going to happen. He was always with Jesus too. The Spirit fell on him and so wherever Jesus went, God went also (Mark 1:10). And, because of the sacrifice Jesus made, we can now call him, "Abba," Father too (Rom 8:15).

Do you know who your Father is? Do you trust him with anything that happens to you? Do you count on him to rescue you when you do something stupid (whether you pay the price for your actions or not)? Do you think he'll take care of you even though you're upside down on the house you owe? Do you not think he can handle you losing your job? Even more so, do you believe he'll actually answer your prayer or do you just hope he will? You know what, when my God simply opens his mouth and utters a couple of words, new galaxies are formed. My Father owns everything and has created everything (Psa 24:1-2). He is for me and no one can touch me (Heb 13:6). Even if Satan snuffs me out, I still win. I get to spend the rest of my existence with my Father - right by his side. Nothing beats that! Nothing.

Let's put it another way. What if I were to say that I had faith in Jennifer? What would that mean? It would mean that I could trust her with anything. If she said that she was coming to my party, you dog-gone right she'd be there. Right on time too. Or, if she said that she was going to send me $100 in the mail, then a couple of days later the money would be waiting on me in the mailbox. Basically, anything that Jennifer told me, it would be as good as gold. Actually, her word would be so valuable to me that I could literally go to the bank and mention to the teller what Jennifer said, and the bank would straight-up give me $1000 just because Jennifer's words are so awesome. Here's another way to look at it.  What if I trusted her with a task I needed done? What would happen? It would be handled so well that I could actually forget about telling her what I needed and then later she'd show up with this amazing finished product. There would be no doubt in my mind she'd handle it right and the best way possible. You see, if I truly trusted her, this is what it would be like. However, one day, no matter how much I trusted her, she would fail me. She won't pull through every time, but there's one person who will. Your Father's Word is worth more than that. It's worth more than gold. He can be trusted without a single doubt.

Whether you doubt God or not doesn't mean he can't be trusted. Just because you doubt him doesn't mean that he's not going to keep his promise (Heb 6:18). Just because you don't believe, doesn't mean that he can't pull it off. The problem is not him. The problem is you. You don't trust him. You will spend the rest of your life learning how much you can trust him and everything he says to you (Heb 11).

Ask him to help you trust him more. Get to know who your Father is. Ask him to open up your eyes to see how amazing he is and what he can do (and has already done). Your faith (or trust) in him will grow the more you depend on him. This is foolishness to the world, but to God, it means everything. And, certainly, don't beat yourself up about not knowing him well. Even the disciples didn't get it right away. They even got to see his face on a daily basis for 3 years and still didn't get it until the end (John 14:1-14).

Do me a favor. From now on, every time the word "faith" comes up in the Bible, just replace it with the word "trust". The verses will have a completely different meaning. Our culture has numbed us to the meaning of faith.

You can't do anything unless you trust him first. Jesus is faith. He birthed trust. He's the author and the finisher of our trust (Heb 12:2).

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