26 October 2011

Faith = Trust

When you say you have faith in Jesus, what do you mean? Does having faith mean that you believe that Jesus is real? I used to think this way. I thought having faith in Jesus meant that I simply believe in Jesus Christ as my savior. But, this is not what it means. The word faith is thrown around so much today that it's meaning has been watered down. I know this topic seems simple-minded, but everything about Jesus is so easy. The only people that make it hard are you and me.

I know the title of this blog gives it away, but faith actually doesn't mean you just believe in someone. Having faith in someone means you trust them. So, do you have faith in Christ? Do you actually trust God? When you think about it, you probably don't. Why? Because your actions and thought patterns probably don't show that you trust Jesus. I'm not judging you. I'm just being real. I thought I had faith in God too, but the Spirit showed me that it doesn't mean that I just believe that he died for me and rose again. Then, God asked me a simple question. He asked me, "Do you trust me?" My answer was "No". ~:----(

Why did I tell him "no"? Because when I got real with myself, I started to realize my actions and thoughts didn't line up. The next thing I did was ask the Spirit to help me - to help me trust him with all my heart (Prov 3:5-6). Then, I looked back and realized that I was a complete idiot for not trusting him. If I can't trust Jesus, then who?!! I can't even trust myself half the time. Do you know how stupid it sounds to say, "I don't trust you Jesus." Well, that's basically what most of us are saying about him...without saying it.

18 October 2011

Shadow Boxing

I recently watched the movie "Real Steel" with my friend Devon. It looked pretty cool in the previews so we decided last minute to watch it one Friday night. Plus, we didn't have anything better to do so we hit up the theater.

Well, as we were walking out of the theater Devon pretty much summed it up by saying that it was a "...perfect movie for a 13 year old." If I was 13, I would have thought the movie was awesome! But, seeing how I haven't quite gotten past 15 mentally, I still thought it was pretty good. That is, if you can ignore all the adult-bashing the movie portrays.

You see, every movie that comes out has more preaching in it than an entire Billy Graham crusade. Honestly, the world's most well-known pulpit is the movie/TV screen. And, the world calls us Christians a bunch of preaching fanatics?? Do you realize how many movies liberal Hollywood has been dishing out lately? Thankfully, I have this cool added feature in my life called the Holy Spirit to help me see through all the trash.

The Holy Spirit has this amazing way of taking what the world intends for bad and showing me something completely different. He's the best filter in the world, really. Kind of like filtered water; diseased water goes in, and good-for-me water comes out.