12 September 2011

Jesus Is In You

In my previous post, I touched a little on the Holy Spirit and the fact that he lives in you. Well, given you actually believe in Christ and accept what he did for you, then this is true. If you've done all that, then let me say it again, with more emphasis, "The Holy Spirit lives IN you. Jesus lives IN you."

Ok, does that make sense? So, you actually believe the Almighty Living God lives in you? Not that he's just in you; he LIVES IN you (Romans 8:11). Or, in Christianese, you have accepted Jesus into your heart. Jesus is living and breathing and he's inside of you. Now, bear with me.

Let me share with you something that I just figured out not too long ago. If you believe all that I just mentioned, then obviously you believe that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in you (read the verse again Romans 8:11). So, Jesus' Spirit, the same dude that turned water into wine, healed thousands of people, fed thousands of people with one little basket of food, raised Lazarus from the dead, and kicked Satan's butt, is inside of you. Now, does that make sense? No, it doesn't make sense. For so long I "knew" this, but I didn't really have a clue. I had the head knowledge, but not the heart knowledge.

This is what else Father says about his Son:

"Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. He existed before anything was created 
and is supreme over all creation, for through him God created everything in the heavenly 
realms and on earth. He made the things we can see and the things we can't see - such 
as thrones, kingdoms, rulers, and authorities in the unseen world. Everything was created 
through him and for him. He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together." (Colossians 1:15-17)

Yes, Jesus, who God says did all that, is in you. Wait, wait, wait, wait...you mean the moment I believed in Christ and accepted what he did for me, I received that Jesus?? That Holy Spirit??! You mean, I don't get the dumbed-down version of Jesus? You know, just the smaller whatever-Dathan-thinks version of the Holy Spirit?? I get the full-blown Jesus...in ALL his glory??!! Yep. He's the one.

So, if Jesus is living in me, then I have access to the same power that raised people from the dead, cast out demons, spoke intimately about his Father, disappeared in thin air then reappeared later somewhere else, walked on water, fed a bunch of people, and could read people's minds. I get that Jesus? The same wisdom (Jesus) that God used to create the heavens and the earth and all the galaxies? The same authority (Jesus) that tells Satan when to jump and how high?

If this is all true (because the Bible says so), then what in the world is my problem?! Where in the world have I been?! And, why don't I KNOW this?!!

The Bible confirms this over and over again. Jesus says we'll do even greater things that what he did (John 14:12-14)! Whatever...there's no way. But you see, this is the problem. I hadn't humbled myself enough to actually believe what my Father says about me. At least not until recently. He's been telling me all my life that I'm awesome because of Jesus. I'm perfect because of Jesus. I'm forgiven because of Jesus. I have everything I need because of Jesus. And, when Christ died he sent his Spirit to live in me. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. This is the same Spirit that Jesus used to do all his miracles. Now, does it make more sense why it's better that Jesus left us (John 16:5-15)?! He left so he could send the same Spirit that God gave him, to you and me. The same Spirit that gave Jesus the power and the authority to do all those miracles.

Don't you remember that Jesus did not perform any miracles until he received the Spirit of God first (Matthew 3:16)? That's right. Jesus received the Spirit and now, that same Spirit (that the Father gave his son) lives in us. Jesus only did what he saw his Father doing. He only said what he heard his Father say. Jesus knew his Father because of the Spirit that lived in him (John 5:19-21). Now, we also know the Father because of the Holy Spirit in us. Jesus saw his Father give him the Spirit and that's why Jesus gave his Spirit to us. I hope that made sense.

So, why do we keep searching (outwardly) for knowledge and wisdom just through books or the internet when the wisdom of God is living in us? Why don't we start searching for wisdom through the Holy Spirit (inwardly)? Why don't we just ask God for knowledge and wisdom to know things?  Where do you think Solomon got all his wisdom? It wasn't books! Same thing with power. Where do you think Samson got all his power? It wasn't his hair! It was the Spirit in them. I'm not saying stop reading books or gaining earthly knowledge, but know it's just that...worldly knowledge. The source of all wisdom and knowledge is already in you. The source of all power is in you.

I used to think that I could only know scripture from reading it and memorizing it. I thought the only places I could get the word was in a book or on my phone. Then, I read this verse (James 1:19-21). The word of God has been planted in you! This means it's growing and getting bigger like a tree. Maybe a mustard tree?? And, then it hit me again. Jesus is the word. The word is God (John 1:1-5). And, God lives in me. WHAT?!?! Let me give you an example. Here I am one day, sharing what God is doing in my life, then all the sudden it comes out of nowhere! The VERY verse that I'm trying to conjure up in my head comes out of the clear blue into my memory banks. Then, I quote it with my mouth without even thinking about it. Where did that come from?! I knew right away it wasn't me. This has happened so many times lately it's ridiculous! People, I don't read the Bible that much. I definitely don't memorize it. There's only one explanation. It's Christ in me! His wisdom is in me and I finally believe it. It's because I believe.

I'm even starting to think differently. I'll have all these weird thoughts. Like, thoughts of blessing random people or forgiving people who hurt me. Who does that?! Not me. It's got to be the Jesus in me. Then, it hit me! His thoughts are my thoughts, now. Like, literally. The spirit of Dathan doesn't think about these things. It's the Spirit of God. It blows me away the more I spend time with him I start having better thoughts. I didn't do any works to get it. I just started thinking about him more often and believing his word, then BAM! I start thinking like him. Pretty crazy when you actually do what the Bible says and, then it actually happens. ~: -)

Even when I pray for people, guess what? What I ask for happens. People get healed. Husbands come home changed. Sight gets better. People I thought would never come to Jesus, are. I'm not boasting!! It's NOT me!!! It's the Holy Spirit. It's Jesus in me. He's always been there. He's just waiting for us to believe.

Finally, look at Paul. How in the world did this guy write two-thirds of the New Testament without spending a single day with Jesus? The disciples spent 3 years with Christ and saw all that he did and still didn't believe. The disciples didn't believe who Jesus was until just before he was crucified (John 16:29-30. Certainly, this is proof not to beat yourself up about not believing so easily). Also, how in the world did Paul know so much about the Father? It was the Spirit inside of him that shared with him all these things. You know what else is curious? There was this one place that Paul and Barnabas visited, and after they performed a miracle, the town thought they were gods (Acts 14:8-20). Let me tell you one thing. AIN'T NOBODY think I'm a god! Haha! Honestly, Paul, Peter, Solomon, Samson and Moses (and whoever else you want to throw in) are no different than you and me...except they believed.

The only thing stopping his power, love, authority and word, is you. You're the barricade. You're the one that dam's up his glory so others can't see it. God is freedom. God has no limits. You limit him.

Listen, God is trying to tell you who you really are in him. So, when you hear him, stop forgetting what he says you look like. Remember and believe what he tells you. Otherwise, it's like looking in a mirror, then stepping away and forgetting what you see (James 1:22-25). Start believing him, then you'll start doing what he says.

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Alex said...

Without God, the only way to obtain knowledge is to read. Books are a treasure to those who crave knowledge (gnosis). The lost do not have the same connection with the Devil that we have thru the Holy Spirit.

With God, His spirit guides you (like you said). I have seen scripture confirm things I did that God directed me to. Its pretty cool.