04 August 2011

Addiction Can Set You Free

All of us are addicted to something whether it's running, sports, drugs, cigarettes, Diet Coke, chocolate, shopping, TV, music, money, pain etc. Actually, God made us this way. He wanted us to have addictions.

What we are addicted to is what really matters. He made our bodies to never be satisfied. We always want more than we have. The problem is the world feeds us all this stupid counterfeit junk that we can see, hear, touch and/or taste. We end up settling for less than the best with all this worldly stuff.

The world is fighting against us and sets up distractions around every corner. The enemy wants you to get so wrapped up in the world around you that you become addicted to these false highs instead of wanting the ultimate high.

Let's take drugs for example. We all see how powerful drugs can be as an addiction. Amy Winehouse is a perfect well-known example of this. She had all the talent, fame and money in the world and it was all wasted on a high. Honestly, she had the right idea, but just used the wrong medium. Actually, we are supposed to hallucinate and see crazy cool stuff! We're even supposed to be invincible and feel numb to the problems of this dark world. God intended this to happen! The difference is we are supposed to see His visions, dreams and even the supernatural (Acts 2:17). He wants us to experience the peace that surpasses all understanding, to know the only light that can be seen through His eyes, and know His true power (Philipians 3:10-11, 4:7) .

God made us to be addicted to Him. I promise you, nothing will satisfy you like the love of Jesus. He's the only thing that quenches your thirst for more (John 4:7-15). And, once you get a glimpse of His glory, you'll be addicted for life and want more. How sweet it is (Psalm 19:7-11)!

Are you starting to see how this world actually copies Jesus and God's perfect plan? Satan is such a dummy that he has to copy perfection. He can't even come up with anything original. The enemy just uses the great things that God intended for good, for bad. Honestly, if I were him I'd do the same thing. Why not copy what you KNOW works! He just waves the easy-to-see carrot in front of our eyes and if we're not careful, we'll fall into his trap.

Ask the Spirit for more. Ask Him for more of Jesus and He'll gladly feed you all you want. The amount is up to you.

Jesus is my dealer. <-- cheesy, but true!

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