09 August 2011

Quit Trying So Hard

All my life, and yours, we've been told to follow all of God's commands, read the Bible, pray, and worship, then you'll be a good Christian (oh and don't fail either). And, the more we do the above, the better we become. I really believed this. I was taught this by my church and the pastors that still believe it. What a tragedy. Oh, and let's not forget that they want you to get "plugged in" to the church and start serving. Serving shows that you are putting other's first. This is obviously more proof that you're becoming more like Christ, right?

Honestly, this is just the Old Testament all over again. I really don't see how it's any different. The Old Testament was like, "Ok, follow these 10 commandments and the 648,593 other commands I threw in and you'll be worthy to be called my saint." The more commands you follow, the more you look holy in God's sight. The more you do right, the more you become a true man of God. Uhhhh, is this not what Pharisee's did in the New Testament?? And, didn't Jesus scold them and call them "vipers" (Matthew 23:33)?! You see, even though the Pharisees did everything right, in Jesus' eyes, they were the worst. You can't do anything to afford God's grace. Jesus already paid it all. So, do you still think you should be working so hard at doing the right thing?

Here's the clincher. What the church should be doing, instead, is helping you discover who Jesus really is. So many people think that a relationship with Jesus is just believing in Him. After we accept Him into our lives, we rightfully claim we know Jesus. This is true, but it isn't. We know who Jesus is and what He did for us, but do we really know who He is and how much He really loves us. What do you know about Him other than what He did in the Bible and what He told us to do? Even Satan knows who Jesus is and what He's done for us (and even bows down to Him - Phillipians 2:9-11), but does this mean Satan has a relationship with Jesus? Clearly not.

04 August 2011

Addiction Can Set You Free

All of us are addicted to something whether it's running, sports, drugs, cigarettes, Diet Coke, chocolate, shopping, TV, music, money, pain etc. Actually, God made us this way. He wanted us to have addictions.

What we are addicted to is what really matters. He made our bodies to never be satisfied. We always want more than we have. The problem is the world feeds us all this stupid counterfeit junk that we can see, hear, touch and/or taste. We end up settling for less than the best with all this worldly stuff.

The world is fighting against us and sets up distractions around every corner. The enemy wants you to get so wrapped up in the world around you that you become addicted to these false highs instead of wanting the ultimate high.