01 March 2011

I Finally Have A Relationship With Jesus

I was walking back from the ATM (for some $$) to where I work (it's only a block away) and God starts reminding me of how He doesn't speak to us figuratively anymore (John 16:25-33 NLT). This kind of stopped me in my tracks. You see, I just mentioned this to my small group last night trying to get them to understand. Well, obviously I didn't get it either...until now. Forever, I thought He would sometimes talk to me with great deep spiritual verbage that took a miracle to even translate into my puny mind. I always see Him on a level that's way WAY WAY higher than I could ever know anyway. Plus, all these big time pastors, authors and artists like to show off their complexity and how well they know Jesus by taking simple things and turning it into stuff that nobody understands (Colossians 1:28 MSG). I usually walk away not remembering jack about what they told me anyway. Sure, I thought they were smart, had something I didn't, and obviously knew Jesus better. That's why they're in the spotlight anyway, right?

Everyone knows that you have to have a relationship with Jesus Christ to become saved. But, do we really know what that means? We have the head knowledge, but does our heart have a clue?
When you are in a love relationship with someone, you end up doing the things that they like because you love them and want to please them. You don't have to have your spouse tell you what she wants all the time. Just like Jesus doesn't always tell us what to do every minute of the day. We aren't supposed to be robots that follow His every next step. Sure, we need to be obedient when He does say something, but many times He remains silent. When we spend more time with Him and learn how He reacts to things (what He likes), we end up doing them His way. In time, you learn what your spouse wants and what she doesn't want. You learn her love languages. You learn how to put a smile on her face and make her miss you all day long. Same with Jesus, but only more.

If we don't respond in ways that He "rolls", then how much are we around Him or how much do we really know anything about Him? How much do we even care, for that matter? It's not about how much we mess up either. I mean your spouse will have NO problem telling you where you've jacked up and how to react better next time, right? And, they end up forgiving you anyway (or should ~:-). How much MORE does God forgive us?! If our spouse does it, then Jesus will always out-forgive her any day. If we don't respond to our spouses in ways that make them proud, then how much do we really love them?? The Holy Spirit doesn't have to tell us how to do everything. Learning about the Spirit and how He operates allows us the chance to get to know Him better over time. In time you start thinking like one another and responding in ways that compliment each other. That's how relationships work.

Relationships on earth take time. Getting to know your Heavenly Father takes time just like any other relationship. Spend as much time with Him as you can. Think about Him all day long! Get to know how He reacts to circumstances and understand what He likes and doesn't like. Learn to react His way. Then, go practice reacting His way on each other and see what happens. See if others don't end up liking it, too.
He's not out there trying to make life more complicated. He speaks as plain as day!

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