30 March 2011

God's 5 Love Languages

Ok, so you all know about The 5 Love Languages written by Dr. Gary Chapman. For those that don’t know, you can check out his website to get more info. He lists the 5 love languages as:
1) Words of Affirmation
2) Quality Time
3) Receiving Gifts
4) Acts of Service
5) Physical Touch

Well, I like to learn people’s love languages. I just find it interesting how we all can be so similar and, yet, so different. Plus, the more I learn about God’s people, the more I learn about Him (this will make sense one day). I mean, He made us all in His image, right (Genesis 1:26)? Well, this is when it hit me. I started thinking about what order I could put God’s love languages in. I’ll explain the order as I go.
God’s 5 love languages in order of importance:

1) Words of Affirmation
I claim this to be the number one love language of God. He says all of us will praise His name (whether we want to or not) one day (Romans 14:11). Also, David was a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22) and he wrote like 48509 songs about how great God is. He would wake up every morning singing new praises to Him or even spend all night thinking about Him. I still try to sing a new song from the top of my head (or bottom of my heart) every once in awhile, but my attempts are like a 5 year old trying to do the same thing; not near as cute. Plus, my rapping is not so great either…haha! Another thing, we know so much about God’s character from David’s intimate relationship with the Father. Then, as I think about it more, what male doesn’t like to be praised?! We LOVE our egos to be stroked and praised for every cool thing we do. Some men claim that they don’t need this or even want it, but I don’t believe them. I think they’re fooling themselves. Lastly, what’s the first thing we do when we walk into church? That’s right. We sing praises and worship songs to our Creator. God even has full time creatures that fly around His thrown singing “Holy, Holy, Holy…” So, praise Him OFTEN!

2) Quality Time
I feel quality time is God’s second most important love language. Even at the beginning of time God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were chilling together and all pumped about the things God was about to create (Genesis 1:1 & 1:26, John 1:1-5, John 8:38). Also, God is constantly stating in His Word for us to keep it close to our hearts. He wants us to think about Him often and know His Word so we can use it when we need it most. He desires to spend time with us. He wants us desperately to have a relationship with Him and get to know Him intimately. We can’t possibly know Him without spending time and thinking about Him. He even tells us to pray without ceasing. Basically, He wants us to constantly be in communication with Him (two-way communication). The ladies are good examples of this constant communication ~:-) Think about Him often and learn what He likes and doesn’t like. You’ll soon start thinking, acting and even talking like Him.

3) Acts of Service
I place acts of service as #3. Faith is dead without works (James 2:20). When Jesus noticed the fig tree that looked to be fruitful, He got closer and saw that it actually had no figs at all. He ended up cursing the tree and it withered and died (Matthew 21:18-22). So, what actions are causing others to see Jesus in you? What fruits of the Spirit are you living on a daily basis? When you passionately believe in someone, or something, you end up sharing it with the people around you. Quite often we have the lip service (like the fig tree), but we need to act more than we speak. God wants our actions to look like Jesus’ actions. He wants us to copy the things Jesus did. He came down to earth to be our perfect example of what He saw His Father doing (John 8:28-30, actually the whole chapter). Even Jesus only said and did what He saw His Father doing. How much more should we do the same?! The same Holy Spirit that performed miracles and raised Jesus from the dead is inside you, who believe! So, now that you know, do something about it!

4) Receiving Gifts
Next to last is receiving gifts. A few years after Jesus was born, one of the first things we learn is that these wise dudes show up with gifts in hand to celebrate the Lord’s birth. So, right off the bat, we know that Jesus loves some gifts (Matthew 2:9-11). Giving gifts is a great way to show love to someone. It doesn’t have to be diamond earrings. It can be something small and dumb to show someone that you thought of them. It can even be sacrifices that you make. Like instead of watching your favorite show “American Idol”, why not try turning off the idiot box and purposely spending time with your Father that loves you beyond words. Sacrificing your time, routines or even food to show God how much you love Him means the world to Him! Also, God gave us the ULTIMATE gift of His only Son to die for us so we may know Him and accept His sacrifice (John 3:16). Paul also tells us to ask for the gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12, 13 & 14). He spends 3 whole chapters on the gifts that come from the Holy Spirit. He doesn’t want us to get hung up on these gifts, but again, Jesus is showing His love for us by giving gifts freely to those who ask and believe. Clearly, giving gifts is an action that shows Him and others that you love them and think of them often. Give to God. Give to His people! Giving = Love.

5) Physical Touch
I place physical touch last on God’s order of love languages. Obviously, we can’t touch Him. He can touch us in AMAZING ways through the Holy Spirit, but His need for touch is not so much. Also, Jesus performed all kinds of miracles. He would even heal people from all kinds of diseases and ailments just by touching them (or they touching his garments). In addition, only a select few got to see Jesus or even less got to hang out with Him. One disciple even rested his head on Jesus’ chest (John 13:25). Then there was Mary who washed Jesus’ feet. As you can see, not much touching was done to Jesus that’s told in God’s Word. However, our need for touch is not something that can be ignored. We need touch. We need to know that someone is there. Now, how we feel the presence of God depends on our relationship with Him. His love can overwhelm you and change your life forever, if you would only let Him. Jesus commands us to love one another (Matthew 22:36-40). We can touch Him by loving on the people around us. He entrusted the lives around you and placed them in your hands. It’s our role to love on them and touch them in ways that they’ll never forget!

Well, now you know what I think about God’s 5 love languages. What order would you place your 5 love languages?

And, if you’re married, I HIGHLY recommend you learn your significant other’s languages and start loving their socks off! Just don’t forget to love on Him more.

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Jenny Girl said...

The words of affirmation section made me laugh out loud. Especially because my 5 yr old girl daughter was bustin' out her own original praise songs about God this morning. " God is awesome because He made the animals and trees and my sister and I love Him." :)