19 August 2010

I've Made My Choice

We live in our happy praise song universe unable to see or comprehend the plans God has for us. Our souls barely surviving and literally dying for more. We just skim the surface (like skipping a smooth rock over water) and never take the plunge to risk it all. The scrapes and bruises we get from barely skimming the water are too uncomfortable for us. What's stopping us? If we're honest with ourselves, we simply fear real pain and loss. Do you feel you've "made it" if you have a Benz in the driveway and a pretty lake house? Is that all you look forward to? Let His purpose be your #1 focus whether the Benz and lake house come or not (Matt 6:33).

When will you truly trust Him with everything you've got? When will you finally BELIEVE what His Word says? When will it click that He'll never let you go?! When the end result is paradise and you're a joint heir to the throne because of what Jesus did, then what do you have to lose? He's already paid it all! He's already done everything needed! Now, all we have to do is follow His lead. So what if you endure a ton of pain and sorrow along the way! Jesus said that if they did it to me, they'll certainly do it to you (John 15:20). If Satan comes and nearly rips the life out of you (crippling you) and steals everything you own, will you still praise your Savior (Psalm 23:4)?! Will you still choose to give Him ALL the glory He deserves?