17 February 2010

21 Day Fast for 2010 – Part 2

As I begin praying I find that my problems are nothing compared to what most people are going through. God’s blessed me so much in my life that I can’t complain about ANYTHING! Really, I have so much to be thankful for. It’s almost unfair that I have so many great things happening to me than most people do. I have no debt (except the house), I have no major health issues, I’m somewhat sane (haha), I have a good family, I live in the best country in the world, I have a great job, my cars have air conditioning etc. So, in response to this, I start praying for others more than praying for my own stupid issues. God actually shows me that if I pray for others and help relieve the burdens of others that I won’t have to worry about what happens to me. He promises to take care of me (Proverbs 3:5-6, Jeremiah 29:11)! And, all this reinforces my new life motto that, “It’s not about you.”

I started going out of my way to pray for other people. And, I’m like ~:-O when others start telling me about what’s happening in their life! Some had no clue that I was praying for them. Next thing I know, people are overcoming all sorts of marital problems, health problems, people are avoiding major car wrecks, work is getting easier for some, people are starting to get answers to prayer that they haven’t seen in awhile, and the list goes on! It’s so much more rewarding when you see other’s lives light up and become new and joyful again. I now see why Jesus gave up everything for us! There’s just no greater joy than to see other’s overcome their obstacles and become stronger in Him!

Even my relationships have gotten better! I started seeing my work relationships become more meaningful (totally opposite from the last fast). Bad people have started disappearing and quality people have started coming out of the wood work. I’ve met spiritual giants and I’m getting to spend time with them often. I would receive calls from random friends and see people who I haven’t talked to in awhile that needed prayer. NONE of this stuff is normal. But, that’s not all…

God also started to reveal to me some of His plans. These plans would really have nothing to do with me. Honestly, His plans have impacted me the most. You have no earthly idea how amazing it is for God to show you what He’s about to do before it even happens! ~:-O It’s always been a desire of my heart that I become not only friends with Him, but that He calls me His friend. A friend is basically a person you plan on spending time with, sharing your ideas and common interests. I share my plans with God all the time, but I wanted Him to also share His plans with me. Not that I would argue, but because we were friends and He wanted me to know. ~:-D

This also taught me to pray for forgiveness for His people altogether. We Christians are so stupid!! We truly don’t build anybody up. We don’t unite. We only think of ourselves most of the time. We need all the forgiveness we can get! And, how dare we not ask for it!

Jesus also started to lay on my heart to pray for Montgomery. Wow, and do we need it! There are like 94058344532 churches in this town and it seems like we’re all competing for members. Churches are more concerned about tradition and numbers then uniting together and really making a lasting difference. This isn’t one person’s fault, one denomination or one church’s fault, but we're ALL responsible! With as much Jesus you see on every corner, you would think there would be less signs on interstate exits, crime rates dropping, racism crippled, laziness suffering, more medical needs met, more educated, more people prospering etc. You can almost sense the negativity when you drive through the city. Quite frankly, Montgomery has little to offer in beautiful landscape to draw people in. The only thing that we have that will draw people is people. If the people are sorry, then what’s the point?? People make the difference...not the place. So, I’ve been praying very passionately for some of Montgomery’s strongholds to come crashing down.

To be continued…

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