13 November 2009

Why Do Women Ask For More Punishment??

See Genesis 3.

First, let me explain how it all went down (of course, in my own eyes) ~:-)
So, Adam and Eve are hangin out in the most perfect and beautiful place on earth. Nice! Eve's been checkin out this forbidden fruit tree and can't help herself. The serpent's been lying to her for awhile saying, "It's all good...and you'll be like God if you eat this." Well, who doesn't want to be like God?! Anyway, she gives in to the serpent's lies and eats the fruit. She then looks directly at Adam (with the look of death) and says, "If you don't eat this fruit, you're not gettin any tonight!!" Well! Adam's not stupid, he does exactly what is wife tells him to do. Sure enough, things go south immediately.

God sees what all went down and plays dumb. He comes walking around the corner looking for Adam and Eve, but they're hiding and wearing leaves. God asks them, "What's up with that?" Adam confesses to eating the forbidden fruit and says it's all Eve's fault. God turns to Eve and says, "What have you done?!" Then, Eve blames it on the the serpent and says, "The walking snake made me do it!"

Then God's like, "What in the world?!?!!!" Finally, he begins to lay the smack down. Then, the next words out of his mouth are pretty harsh. According to the order of events and those responsible, He tells the serpent he's doomed. Then he looks right at Eve and says, "Now, for you young lady. You're gonna have mad pain when you have babies. AND, on top of that, you're gonna wish you could rule over dudes, but instead, they're gonna be the boss. Have a nice day!" Lastly, God looks directly at Adam with his hands up in disappointment, "Really?? What did I tell you?!! Alright. This is how it's gonna be. You're gonna work whole lot. Actually, you're gonna work till you die. Then, it's gonna be hard work. All these bad things will always happen while you're workin. Then, you'll sweat and work some more. Plus, the dirt will barely provide you anything you need. Make sense?!"