26 May 2009

Debt = The Devil

I just recently sent in a small success story to a financial blog that I read almost daily. So, I thought I'd share my story with ya'll.

First off, I don't come from a family that has much and I certainly don't come from a family (or know many friends) that take finance and investments seriously. I didn't have the wisdom passed down to me. So, I can mainly thank getrichslowly.org for the valuable knowledge that I have today.

Ok, sorry I had to mention all that, but let's get to the point. Prior to September of last year (2007), for a few months I was non-mortgage debt free. I'm a single 31 year old with 2 cars and a house. My furniture is mainly used, but in good shape. Actually, to be honest, the couch and love seat are a little too 'floral' for me, but they were a gift. I'm not looking to update the furniture much b/c I'm sure, when I get married, the wife will have her way with the place anyway. ~:-D I'm also a big car nut. I specifically like imports and I like turning every day grocery getters into aggressive mean-machines. However, this car hobby of mine is probably the most expensive hobby I can think of!! I'm still working on balancing my car itch and saving at the same time.

25 May 2009

How NOT to pray

The point I want to quickly make has to do with repeating God's name too often when we pray. We all know that when giving a speech or speaking to a crowd, saying things like, "um" or "uh" often can be crazy annoying and can distract the listener from points the speaker is trying to make. We all know and have been taught not to use these "filler words".

Now, I'm gonna probably hurt some feelings so be prepared. In NO way is this a stab at anyone or any style of prayer. It's just my way of giving my $.02 about how a lot of us pray.

Let's start with an example. Prayer is no different from having a conversation with a best friend. The only thing that's unique is that you're talking to your all powerful creator (which is honestly quite humbling and sometimes overwhelming). Anyway, here's my example. Let's pretend I'm praying to you and you are God. Ok, now that you're God, let's give you a name. Names are important so let's make a good one. I say your name should be Kevin Christopher Burton. Beautiful!! Ok, now we need a setting. Let's pretend I'm taking some quiet time in the living room and talking to you about what's on my heart and mind. Remember, you have all the characteristics that God has and I can't see you. Now, I'm gonna start praying and I just want you to "listen" and observe how I'm talking to you.